by Cécile Zarokian


This is a strangely warm and slightly gourmand citr us fragrance, quite intriguing and not easy to label. A particularly intense fragrance that combines freshness with warmth? A musky scent with citrus notes? Perhaps a gourmand jus with tons of musks? In any case, as soon as you wear it you feel something simple and reassuring, almost childish. Then you realize there’s a lot more behind this scent. In addition to the natural citr us fruits and bright musks, i t features a plasticized quality that projects it in a different direction, transforming it in a sort of ‘cyberspace citrus perfume’.
Inspired by the intriguing concept of ‘sustainable textiles’, a new world of fabrics that will shape the future and give a new life to what is usually discarded. ORANGE, like an innovative and mysterious fabric generated from citrus byproducts (yes, it does exist!).

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